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12:21am 15/10/2005
  Hello! I am currently mod/maintainer for this community. However, with my schedule I don't have the time that I would like for this community...including getting it out there/contests/etc. Would anyone else be up for the job? Please leave a message here if you are interested.  

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11:23pm 07/10/2005
  Because I want this community to live some, I came up with a crack pairing for ye.

Joey x sneakers

Feel free to come up with a name. I couldn't think of one.

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05:00pm 07/07/2005
  Shizuka x Gackt CD


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02:52pm 16/05/2005
I have an obession with JROCK!Mokuba i.e Miyavi!Mokuba..
So, yeah.

JrockShipping = Mokuba x Jrock CD

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First Post from the Mod 
07:26pm 08/04/2005
  Hello! Welcome to the new community. Please post whatever you like, no matter the humor or seriousness. I'll get the ball rolling with a 'ship (and a mini!story behind it, because I just can't come out and say it):

So, I'm thinking about the DK arc, which, so far, is my favorite arc. I can't help myself! Okay, back to the point. I'm driving, pondering all that is DK, when I think of Mokuba. And his handkerchief. His hankie. Then I think of all the odd pairings that people have thought up. BAM! Now I want to pair up Mokuba/handkerchief. The name of the pairing? Sniffleshipping. My mind has completely gone to the weird side, but whatever.

I happen to find these wacky pairings amusing. What is it that is so fascinating about them? Any ideas?

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