Strawberry Sundae...fresh, never frozen (starreemoon) wrote in wtf_ygoshipping,
Strawberry Sundae...fresh, never frozen

First Post from the Mod

Hello! Welcome to the new community. Please post whatever you like, no matter the humor or seriousness. I'll get the ball rolling with a 'ship (and a mini!story behind it, because I just can't come out and say it):

So, I'm thinking about the DK arc, which, so far, is my favorite arc. I can't help myself! Okay, back to the point. I'm driving, pondering all that is DK, when I think of Mokuba. And his handkerchief. His hankie. Then I think of all the odd pairings that people have thought up. BAM! Now I want to pair up Mokuba/handkerchief. The name of the pairing? Sniffleshipping. My mind has completely gone to the weird side, but whatever.

I happen to find these wacky pairings amusing. What is it that is so fascinating about them? Any ideas?
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