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wtf_ygoshipping's Journal

because normal pairings are boring

WTF?! Yu-Gi-Oh Shipping
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Welcome to the WTF?! Yu-Gi-Oh Shipping Community. This community is accepting all those crack shippings you've made and putting them into one convenient-sized LJ community.

Please Read: This community will contain...well, who knows what. Many people may be offended by these pairings...as they might not all involve people. If the idea of Yugi/DM-card freaks you out, don't join, and don't continue reading. This community may also contain fanart and fanfic that reaches an NC17 rating. That's not cool with you? There's the back button that you can hit right now. If all this is good and fine with you (and legal), then read below (and join!).

Wondering if you should be a member? Ask yourself these questions to find out!

1) Do you watch Yu-Gi-Oh?
2) Do you like to match things up?
3) Do you like to match things up in Yu-Gi-Oh?
4) Do you like to match up non-living objects to Yu-Gi-Oh characters?
5) Do people laugh and slowly back up from you when you tell them this?

If you answered yes to any combination of these questions (especially the last 3), then you should be a member! And it's not very hard. Even the laziest person can do it. Just hit to join the community, sit back and enjoy the posts.

If you feel happen to feel adventurous, you could even make a post. Here are some rules:

--When making a post to describe a shipping, first make sure that someone has not already shipped those somethings up (I will update the shipping on a weekly basis and place these on the user info page below). If that shipping has not be done before, give the name of your shipping and tell what it is.

--So you've seen a shipping and had a wonderful idea for a fanfic/fanart. Go ahead and post it! Please make sure that either the fic or art is behind an lj-cut. Also give ratings so people can choose what they want.

--You've paired up some people, but you have no clue what to call it? Make a post about it and enlist the members to think of a name.

Maybe you don't want to make a post, but you'd like to respond/give feedback to something someone posted. Please be sure to:

--Be respectful. This is WTF?! shipping, so it'll be out there. If something doesn't float your boat...well, what the hell are you doing here? The Golden Rule in LJ-Land is: If you don't like it, don't read it, and don't respond.

--When giving feedback to authors/artists, feel free to give constructive criticism as well as praise. However, there is a difference between cruelty and constructive comments.

--Don't start a flame war. It makes little Yugi cry. This community may want some publicity, but not on Fandom Wank.

As far as fanfic and fanart goes:

Title: (if your fic is done in parts, please include what part it is here)
Rating: (use judgement when rating from G to NC17...better to overrate then underrate)
Pairing: (romantic involvement? one-sided desire? Make sure to give the name of the shipping!)
Spoilers: (does it pick up on an episode? have anything to do with another fic you wrote?)
Warnings: (lots of blood? hardcore scenes? death? etc)
Disclaimer: (I'm sorry, but you don't own YGO--even though you might *really* want to)
Summary: (don't give the "I suck at summaries" bit, because if you can write a fic, you can write a line about it)

Do you have a WTF?! shipping community that caters to a specific pairing? Send me an e-mail with the name of your community and I'll list it up in the info page!

Questions/Comments? E-mail me: starreemoon@hotmail.com

Current Shipping:

Gacktshipping: Shizuka/Gackt CD
Jrockshipping: Mokuba/Jrock CD
Sniffleshipping: Mokuba/handkerchief (think DK arc)